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Family Services

"While many families experience stressors and barriers to healthy family life, they ALL have strengths to build on"

Family Support is a supplementary service provided by Fresh Start in partnership with the Ministry of Social Services. The emphasis is to provide relevant services to maintain the family unit.

Through the provision of in-home services, our Family Service Workers walk alongside families in the comfort of their own home. Family Service Workers teach and model new behaviors, provide resources, and offer specific support to build a stronger family structure.

When it is not possible for children to stay in their home, Family Service Workers continue to work with families to foster restoration of the family.


To support the healthy development of families and their children.

  • Maintain the family unit and well-being of children
  • Enhance family wellness
  • Empower families
  • Ease reunification between children in care and their families

Family Support Workers have the opportunity to provide support to families in the following areas:
  • Parenting
  • Personal Wellness
  • Daily Living
  • Social Resources
  • Community Resources
  • Child Aide
  • Supervised Visits

"At the crossroads of a difficult journey, encouragement is the difference between the road to success and a dead end."

Wes Fessler

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