Family Services

“While many families experience stressors and barriers to healthy family life, they ALL have strengths to build on”


Our Family Services unit offers a range of support services to strengthen and maintain the family unit.  Family Service Workers walk alongside families to teach/model new behaviors, help them understand family strengthsidentify barriers, and collaboratively develop a plan to build a strong family structure. 


  • Enhance family wellness

  • Empower families

  • Maintain the family unit and well-being of children

  • Ease reunification between children in care and their families


This service offers support to parents in the comfort of the familial home.  Our focus is to encourage and nurture healthy development of their families, with the priority being the safety of the children.  Topics Involve: age and stages of child development, appropriate discipline, importance of consistency, effects of abuse and neglect, daily living skills, personal wellness, and community resources.

The Positive Parenting Program gives parents tools and strategies to raise their children in an environment that is safe, loving and predictable. Triple P allows parents to decide what is important to them.  It doesn’t tell parents how to raise their children, but gives them the skills and confidence to build good relationships with them, set boundaries and rules, and follow up with consequences that aren’t harmful.  Parents set their own goals, identify changes they would like to see in their children’s behavior and work with the Parent Educator to choose strategies that fit their family life. 

Our Fresh Start Workers hold Triple P accreditation. Twice a year Fresh Start offers Group Triple P sessions specific to parenting.

If you, or members of your family, are going through a difficult time, or just need someone to talk to, meeting with our Counsellors, in a comfortable and confidential space, can be helpful.   

 During your session, you will have the chance to talk about your situation in a safe and supportive setting.  Our Counsellor will listen, help you reflect on your challenges, and support you in developing possible solutions. 

Is Counselling for you? Are any of these a struggle for you?

  • Parenting
  • Struggling with what to do next
  • Want to move forward but don’t know where to start
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Personal or job stress
  • Separation or divorce

When you are ready…..
                                      we are here.

** For more information, see Counselling 


The Ministry of Social Services is a funding partner of Family Services.

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